Decks, Bread, BBQ, and the Grill Mat

BBQ on the DeckBarbecue and Deck Plans

A decking plan has actually been on your mind for a long period of time, right? You’ve been dreaming of that deck, lined with flowers, patio furniture and the barbecue – a new shiny one, of course. Actually, now is a good time to build the dream deck you have always wanted. Why now? Because now is all you’ve got! And when you’re doing it, don’t forget that next to that huge barbecue you’re going to buy, the biggest accessory on the list is the brand-new hot tub. So make it a big deck!

Too Much Bread

We were at a friends house last weekend and they had just put in a brand new deck. Near the tables, they had the barbecued steak in 2 flavors, standard and spicy. We had the standard barbecue and it was pretty good. But the weird thing was that my husband could not get enough of the homemade dinner rolls. I had a small one, but my spouse liked the rolls so much that he ate four. This was in addition to the huge sandwich he had. I wonder if he’s going to be one of those old guys with the big flat tire around the middle? I’ve seen what all those processed carbs can do to a body. Oh well, it’s his body.

jerky on a bbq grill matJerky on the BBQ

Anyway, the point was they were making jerky on their new smoker and we got to try some samples. A lot of major brand names of jerky are so packed with sugar, tenderizers and preservatives that all of the natural meat tastes are gone. I never realized this until I tasted the fresh homemade jerky right out of the smoker. Bite into a piece of jerky and determine if you can taste the real flavor of beef, just as you ‘d taste in a chunk of bbq steak or roast tri-tip. I have a lot of allergies, so I can’t eat commercially prepared foods like that or my face breaks out within a couple of hours. But I had no problem with the homemade jerky at all. SO I’m thinking we should get a smoker and make it ourselves too.


Speaking of allergies, here are a few tips if you have problems with allergies and want to eat out. Order simple dishes. Plain dishes are less most likely to consist of allergens. Food such as a plain baked potato or steamed broccoli are quite safe. Food made of numerous ingredients present too much of a mystery as to what all is in them so the chances of it being a problem for you are greatly increased. Really, dining out with allergies doesn’t have to be a big stress-out. It can be done and should be pleasant. You might discover, as I have, that you will just need to be careful about where you eat and what you order. Commonly the plain foods I mentioned can be the more expensive choices. It is worth the cost though, when you consider the personal expenses and potential misery of allergic responses.

pizza on a bbq grill matPizza on the BBQ with a BBQ Grill Mat

Moving on. One of my favorite outdoor deck foods is a barbecued pizza. It’s a good idea to use a bbq grill mat so the raw dough doesn’t sag down through the grates. After it’s cooked you can put it directly on the grill to get some grill marks on it. Actually, we use a Chef Caron bbq grill mat and it does the grill marks right through the mat. We love it. You can read a bbq grill mat review about it on their website. A barbecue pizza needs to have barbecue sauce rather of marinara sauce or the traditional Italian sauce in my opinion. I like to top it with onions and a barbecued meat, like chicken, and add some cheese.


Breakfast with a BBQ Grill Mat

I love doing breakfast on the barbecue grill. There’s nothing like the early morning air combined with cooking outdoors with a fresh cup of coffee nearby. With our bbq grill we can do hashbrowns, eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage and anything else we want. And it even leaves grill marks on everything even though you’re cooking on a mat. Pretty cool. If  you do decide to get a barbecue grilling mat this summer share your grill mat experience on Twitter!

There are a wide range of viewpoints about exactly what the perfect temperature level must be when using a bbq grill mat because they are made with PTFE which is the same stuff you find on your indoor nonstick cookware. . Your safest bet would be around 350 degrees (F) to 400 degrees but you can go up to 500. That’s the limit set by the FDA for the grill mats. You may find you have better results with a greater or much lower temperature level. But the something you wish to be watchful about is keeping the temperature level as even as you can. That’s the vital point here.

So get that new deck built, get your barbecue and hot tub on there and get to work enjoying the summer in style! Do it!


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Outdoor Cooking Musings

Barbecue and Outdoor Cooking

bbq grill on fireYou can usually avoid an outside cooking headache, by using appropriate security preventative measures. Some of these security pointers only require old-fashioned good sense, while others are really important but perhaps not too well known. These pointers are not implied to frighten you away from ever grilling, but instead, exercising these pointers will help you to delight in carefree cookouts for many years to come. Rather than reprint that list here, I’ll just give you the link to this great page on bbq grilling safety.


My absolute favorite bbq accessories are the bbq grill mats. A lot of people have never heard of these, so go to that website and read up on it. They’re really a remarkable grilling tool that you won’t want to be without.

BBQ Sauces

Almost all of the renowned barbecue sauces originated from cities like Kansas City or Memphis, you know, those places where barbecue is more common than cold cereal. The fact is, though, there is more to that story than you might at first imagine. Virtually every region of the world has its own sauce recipes for the barbecue and all other outdoor cooking methods, too. A lot of individuals think all BBQ sauces are red. In a few of the southern states, the sauce is yellow or almost clear, such as the famous Alabama White Sauce. South Carolina barbecue professionals use lots of mustard in their sauces and in Memphis, where purists declare the only outstanding barbecue is rubbed with spices, numerous dining establishments serve the meat wet or dry, relying on the customers’ selection.

Mixing Barbecue with Ethnic

Here’s the excellent news: there are a great many other food heritages, where they never ever heard of such ingredients. It is, in fact, easier to just adopt one of those. Go ‘Paleo’. Go Asian. Go African. Go Indonesian or Vietnamese or Japanese. Pretend you are a refugee and all you have to prepare is a chicken and some sweet potatoes. Or that you need to prepare on your bbq every day, due to the fact that your range broke.

BBQ Grills

Pick gas outdoor grills with 2 or 3 burners to prepare side dishes alongside barbecuing meat. Gas grills are simple to make use of as they come with electrical ignitions that are simple to turn on and off. Grills with a choice to change to propane tanks make outdoor cooking simpler. While it might seem weird, especially for us older folks, buying a bbq grill online is probably the best way to go. Shopping online is a lot easier and faster than going to regional stores. And the added advantage is that you can discover a large range of alternatives and designs in the very same location, and find some incredible prices at the same time. So it is a matter of clicking your mouse. Nevertheless, bear in mind, numerous online suppliers provide competitive prices but when it gets around to the shipping price, it could knock you flat. My go-to place for barbecue supplies online has always been Amazon, not just for bbq accessories like the barbecue grill mats, but in general for the reliability and fast shipping and great prices.

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